God has given us all unique gifts, talents and abilities to build His church. We believe that one of the best ways to discover and use all that God has given us is to serve. As you serve, you’ll meet others who will help you see what makes you unique. You will also experience the joy of God working through you as you make a difference in your community. No matter what season of life you are in, YEM provides multiple opportunities to use your gifts, talents and abilities to serve God. Our committees operate to get things done for upcoming programs, whilst our departments are consistently at work all year round. Discover some of our committees and departments below and express your interest here.

Apparel Committee

The Apparel Committee strives to promote the Kingdom message through current fashion trends. As a team we are committed to maintaining our high standards by applying the following processes:

Stage 1: Research and Planning
Stage 2: Brainstorm & Design
Stage 3: Manufacturing and Sales Correspondence
Stage 4: Photoshoot Stage 5: Pricing (how to decide)
Stage 6: Promotion (cash or card pic)

Welcoming Committee

The Welcoming Committee serves with extraordinary hospitality and creates a warm and safe atmosphere that ushers in God’s presence. Members of the Welcoming Committee strive at all times to be “doorkeepers for the house of the Lord” and provide attendees an opportunity to receive God’s best – bearing in mind that we set the tone for the rest of the meeting/service. Our responsibility is to ensure that worshippers enjoy their time at the meeting/service.

Music Committee

The Music Committee is divinely anointed and appointed to carry the gospel and honor God in songs. The team assists the worshippers in centering their hearts and mind upon God. The vision is to worship God in spirit and in truth and lead people to connect with the presence of God. The role of the vocalist and musician is to aid the people of God in worship. Not all choir members are trained musicians, able to read music, or experienced in singing with a group. However, they can grow in their knowledge of music and create a sound that matches that is pleasing to God

Finance Department

The Finance Department is responsible for providing detailed information about account expenses for the ended year while preparing budgets for the upcoming year. It also helps with making smart financial decisions that will generate more income and also save money for the ministry through cost-benefit analysis. The Finance Department takes time to remind executives of their quarterly dues mainly through text, but also in person.

Administration Department

The Administrative Department helps to manage all administrative duties for the organization. Helps with continuous streamlining of processes and workflow. Also provides support to departments and committees on strategy and process improvement. The Administrative team will also lead and manage the planning and coordination of all major YEM programs.

Media Department

The Media Department is dedicated to coordinating and producing all aspects of media, which includes, but not limited to web promotional tools, social media content, web design and maintenance, sound and visual engineering, photography, and videography.

The Media Department consists of the following branches:

  • Social Media
  • Audio Visual
  • Photography & Videography
  • Blog
  • Website

Campus Ministry Department

Campus Ministry is set out to establish a YEM presence on college campuses. Our ultimate goal is to teach college students how to begin and maintain a personal relationship with God and to empower them to serve God. We do this by providing them a platform through the campus club where they can be discipled, trained and given opportunities to serve.